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Swimming pool

Wellness inside, the beauty of Livigno outside

IWellness inside, the beauty of Livigno outside

Swimming pool

Swimming pool for everyone

Imagine the beauty of staying in a 4-star hotel with swimming pool in Livigno, where you can enjoy total relaxation lulled by the soothing power of water but where there is also room for children who can have fun in safety. And outside, the majestic Alps stand out against the clear blue sky.

Hot bubbles of wellness...

Once in our brand new heated swimming pool with jacuzzi, you’ll be tempted never to get out again for the entire holiday. Let yourself be embraced by hot bubbles of wellness and caressed by the water blades, immersed in a peaceful and elegant atmosphere with a breath-taking view through the large panoramic windows. An oasis of peace and relaxation, complemented by comfortable sun loungers, to regenerate body and mind.


... inside and out!

But there’s more. Our swimming pool extends outdoors, offering you the exhilarating and unique experience of finding yourself in the open air and of breathing in the fresh air of the mountains. Great in summer and fantastic in winter, when the warmth of the water that contrasts with the outdoor temperature embraces you in a fascinating cloud of steam.

Space foryoungsters

To make your holiday with your children even safer and more fun, we have built a swimming specially for them, where they can play and take part in the activities organised by the entertainment team. With a depth 40 cm and heated to a temperature of 30 °C, our swimming pool offers kids fun moments of joy.

Technogym gym

to keep fit

If you want to keep on training even when you’re on holiday, we have a surprise for you: our Technogym gym, fitted with state-of-the-art equipment. With a large window facing the swimming pool, our gym will allow you to train while enjoying the panorama and the reflections of the water.

A good way to keep fit, isn’t it?

Find out more about our wellness centre and just how pleasant it is to spend a holiday in a 4-star hotel with spa and swimming pool!!

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